10 first names of girls in Johnny's songs

10 first names of girls in Johnny's songs

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Laura, Jade, Joy, Gabrielle, Carole ... so many feminine names that set the rocker's songs on fire. Will his disappearance on December 6, 2017 bring them back to light? This is the opportunity in any case to (re) discover!

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10 first names of girls in Johnny's songs (10 photos)


"Oh Carole, do not look at me like that ..." In 1964, this song of the rocker gave a breath to this name. Derived from the Latin name Carola, from the Germanic "karl", meaning force ... Carole hides an impulsive and energetic temperament. His birthday: July 17th.


"Park" that I saw Linda, my heart is bing, bang ... She was so beautiful bing bang ... "It was good to wear this name in 1963, release date of the song Park 'I saw Linda again. This name comes from the Germanic "lind", meaning the snake, an animal that in Nordic mythology represented the god of intelligence and cunning. Two character signs of this name which is celebrated on August 28th.


"Gabrielle, you burn my mind, your love strangles my life ..." this name will forever be associated with the sensuality of this Johnny tube! Gabrielle comes from Hebrew "gabri" and "el" and means God's strength. His birthday: September 29th.


"Laura, there are so many men that I am not, there are so many sentences they say, that I will not tell you ... a song full of love and modesty written for her daughter Laura in 1986. from Latin "laurus", meaning the laurels of laureates, this beautiful name is celebrated on October 19 and hides a loyal and determined personality.


"Clemence, Clemence, will you be able to give me one day? Clemence, Clemence, the pardons I had asked for ..." This name retro is in the spotlight in 2005. From the Latin "clementia", kindness, gentleness, Clemence is celebrated on March 21 and stands out, character side, by a great sense of loyalty.


"When she dances, when she dances, I like to see her break the dreams of innocence, when Adeline dances ..." a 1990 song written for his wife Adeline Blondiau. From Adal Germanic, "noble", and lind, "sweetness", the name Adeline hides a sweet and joyful character. His birthday: October 20th.


"I will not forget Belinda's tears" ... this 1972 song, Tears Belinda ... is sadly relevant! This name, which is celebrated on September 8, comes from the Germanic "bet", brilliant, and "lind", sweet, even if a sacred temperament is hidden behind the little girls wearing this name ...


"You come from elsewhere and yet you are my flesh and my blood" ... In My flesh and blood in 2006, but also in Jade sleeps in 2011, the adopted daughter of Johnny was dedicated two beautiful songs. The name Jade comes from the Spanish "piedra de la ijada", which means flank stone. It is celebrated on March 10 with Esmeralda or June 29 with Pierre and hides a generous and welcoming character.


"Oh, my pretty Sarah, how much longer ..." this name is a 1971 hit. Sarah means "the princess, the queen" in Hebrew and is celebrated on October 9th. Strength, charm and character ... this name hides an endearing personality.


"Lucille, why are you coming back tonight?" ... in 1964, the reprise of this Little Richard tube, Lucille, brings this name back to light. That falls well, it comes as Lucie from the Latin word 'lux', meaning light. Lucille is celebrating February 16th and hides a very intuitive character.