Pregnancy calendar: the 6th week of pregnancy (8th SA)

Pregnancy calendar: the 6th week of pregnancy (8th SA)

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During this second month, all its organs are put in place. It is from now on that your future baby takes on a human form and you will start talking about him in centimeters. Yes, this week, it has doubled its size and sports 1,5 cm!

Baby side: the limbs are formed

At the end of this week, your "child" measures about 15 mm (1.5 cm) and weighs 1.5 g. Its nerve pathways, internal organs and limbs begin to develop, as well as its spine and kidneys. Every day he grows up to a millimeter. His skin is thin and transparent. His sex is always undifferentiated, even if he is already genetically defined.

Mom's future: first signs

Your stomach is still perfectly flat, but you feel the first transformations in your chest: under the influence of hormones, your breasts begin to stretch, the nipples darken and become more sensitive (first preparation for future breastfeeding of your baby). Do not delay in following your pregnancy by professionals!

Medical question: first visit, why?

Of the seven mandatory visits, the first is the longest. Do this before the end of the third month of pregnancy at the latest with your gynecologist or midwife. It serves to confirm the pregnancy, but not only.
You will be asked for your medical history and you will also have to undergo mandatory tests (syphilis, rubella and possibly toxoplasmosis if you are not immunized, blood type, albumin determination, performed by a urine sample, to detect high blood pressure… ).

Council +

Even if it seems premature to you, register now on the waiting lists of crèches. This does not mean that you will have a place for your child but at least you put a maximum of chances on your side!

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Focus on the 1st visit

Your pregnant breasts

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