Change baby: an art

Change baby: an art

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During the first years, you will change your child thousands of times before he finishes his toilet training. Better to master some basics to keep baby dry. Discover the art of exchange in 7 steps, as well as the different types of layers.

A newborn urine up to 20 times a day. It is therefore important to change the diaper of your baby every two or three hours during the first months, before or after feeding. The exchange is also an intense moment of pleasure for the baby. Do not hesitate to explain what is happening, it will allow him to anticipate the action.

When to change baby?

  • It is recommended to change your baby before feeding to avoid stirring after drinking. However, if you notice that your baby gets dirty when he drinks (which is often the case when breastfeeding, because of the acidity of the breast milk), it will be necessary to change your baby after his meal by handling very gently and taking all the more precautions if it is subject to regurgitation.

Change baby: the right gestures

  • 1 - Lay your baby on the changing table on a clean towel. You will have taken care in advance to get out all the equipment you need and always wash your hands.
  • 2 - Open the layer. With the front panel of the diaper, wipe the buttocks and fold the diaper on itself by placing it under the buttocks;
  • 3 - Clean the buttocks with a clean washcloth or a cotton swab soaked in water and soap. You can also use a toilet milk or wipes, very convenient when you need to change baby anywhere. The toilet must be done from top to bottom, from the cleanest to the dirtiest, that is to say the sex of the child towards his buttocks;
  • 4 - Remove the dirty layer and place the clean change;
  • 5 - Carefully dry your baby's bottom with a towel, paying close attention to the folds of the skin. You can finish the change by applying a diaper rash cream that will protect the seat from irritating contact with urine and stool, and prevent redness. The application of talc is useless, it may macerate in the folds and cause irritation;
  • 6 - Center the layer so that the fasteners are at the level of the navel. If your baby is a boy, place the penis down so that it does not get wet!
  • 7 - NEVER move away from the changing table. A fall is so quickly arrived!

From 18 months / 2 years, change her diaper every 4 hours or so. If your child is having resistance to changing his lying down, you can offer him to stay up (except in the case of stool) and ask him to participate in his change. It will enhance him, he will feel bigger.

Disposable or washable diapers?

Disposable diapers

  • They are the choice of the majority of moms because of their convenience. They are sold with a plastic lining that prevents leaks in the bed or clothes of your child. Disposable diapers are really practical when traveling; you only have to use them and then throw them away. Unfortunately they are expensive and generate a lot of waste. After 2 ½ years, the average age of the acquisition of cleanliness, parents will have spent about 1300 euros in the purchase of diapers.

Washable cotton diapers or disposable ecological diapers

  • They are more economical than disposable diapers and are also more environmentally friendly. Washable diapers are chemical-free and consist mainly of natural or recycled fibers. They protect the baby's skin from moisture, they breathe freely thanks to the easy evacuation of heat and ammonia from the urine. Thus diaper rashes, so common in babies, are reduced or nonexistent. One of the criticisms that could be made to these layers is that they are not as reliable in leakage as disposable diapers. With washable cotton diapers, they are not very practical when going on a trip.

Priority: avoid leaks!

  • Changing diapers is not the preferred activity of parents, but it is an important activity in the early years. No matter how much you know, you do not always realize how thin and fragile baby's skin is. Whether with disposable diapers or washable diapers, your baby should always be dry, so you avoid many unnecessary inconveniences!

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