Become a dad, step by step!

Become a dad, step by step!

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To become a father for the first time, what an upheaval! Not always easy to find your place and ensure. Fortunately, a book aims to guide dads in their first steps. Phew!

  • You were anxious to become a father, and that's it, your baby is born! Do you feel a little lost? Nothing more normal ! Between the sleepless nights, the anguish of the first days, the layers, all your bearings are turned upside down. But rest assured, everything will be put in place over the days ...

Dad, step by step

  • To help you, take a look at Philip Waechter's book "Dad step by step". Between humor and emotion, this book sketches, through micro skits, the first steps of a young father: the return home after motherhood, the first flu, his first walk to the zoo, his first shoes, the after- Lunch in the sandbox ... Our favorite? Dad in awe at his baby "Incredible ... It's great, this baby ... to say we could have had a child like any other ..."
  • No doubt, all young fathersand even the others will find themselves there!

"Papa, step by step", Philip Waechter, Milan Youth, € 10.50

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