Homeopathy, instructions for use

Homeopathy, instructions for use

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More and more French people trust homeopathy. Probably for moderate cost, its non-toxicity and therefore the absence of side effects and the possibility of using it for self-medication. Probably also its effectiveness: because if the habitués of homeopathy did not obtain any result, they would end up turning to another solution. Follow the guide to make the best use of it.

Homeopathy, how does it work?

Doctor, what is homeopathy? Plant ? sugar ? Before embarking on the adventure of pellets, familiarize yourself with this medicine, its composition, its dilutions and its surprising principles. Established two hundred years ago by the German doctor discoverer of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, they have not taken a wrinkle!

The theory.

Homeopathy: the good reflexes

Like all therapies, homeopathy has its rules. This is not because homeopathy is nontoxic that it can be used without any knowledge or rigor: no results would be at the rendezvous. Better to follow the very specific rules of this medicine.

The rules to know.

Homeopathy: the basic kit

Your child is bumping? Nose bleeding ? Has the runny nose? Fever, otitis ... It's reassuring to act from the first symptoms. Assisted by your homeopathic doctor, you will quickly remember the classic drugs that must be in your pharmacy. That's the list.

The basics.

Homeopathy, a help for childbirth

With osteopathy and acupuncture, homeopathy is one of the alternative medicines that can prepare you for childbirth. The explanations of Sylvie de Sigalony, homeopathic midwife.

How homeopathy can give a boost.

Homeopathy and pregnancy: the video

Nausea, insomnia, hemorrhoids ... all the inconveniences that are unfortunately part of the pregnancy. Question drugs, you are rather limited ... Difficult to relieve you! Yet, it is possible with homeopathy.

I watch the video.

Eczema: homeopathic solutions

A dry and inflamed skin, which itches and wakes up at night ... Eczema is a great source of discomfort, for the toddler suffers as for his parents. Homeopathy can help relieve baby but also in prevention.

The advice of Dr. Pierre Popowski, pediatrician homeopath.

Regurgitation: homeopathic solutions

Physiological phenomenon due to the immaturity of the digestive system, regurgitations are commonplace in a baby. Homeopathy can give you a helping hand to relieve your baby.

The advice of Dr. Pierre Popowski, pediatrician homeopath.

Gastro: homeopathic solutions

Your baby is suffering from gastro? Homeopathy can help you to relieve it, but also in prevention. The advice of Dr. Pierre Popowski, pediatrician homeopath.

The advice of the specialist.

Crusts of milk: homeopathic solutions

Due to an excess of secretions of sebum, milk crusts are frequent in toddlers from 2 months. Homeopathy is an effective solution to overcome it, but also in prevention.

I try homeopathy?

Winter diseases: try homepathy

This year, would you like your child not to catch cold from the first winter frost and resist the flu? This is the right time to start homeopathic protection.

What protection?


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