7 ideas to help him eat at his nanny

7 ideas to help him eat at his nanny

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Eating is hell! Your child refuses everything, or almost, what the maternal assistant offers him. It stresses you and you worry about your health. Do not panic, a child will never die of hunger! 7 ideas to make it eat and smile again.

1. Put it in trust

  • A child needs to find in his nanny a climate reassuring. You must put him in trust, bringing his blanket, his bottle, which are signs of his attachment to his parents.

2. Prepare a list

  • To make meal preparation easier, you can suggest to the childminder a list of your child's favorite foods.

3. Institute a ritual

  • It is difficult to advise a childcare professional. However, meals taken at the same time, at the same place, with the same duration (30 minutes maximum) comfort the children. Just as a nice table, a funny plate, a spoon adapted and colored, a calm atmosphere, reassure the children.

4. Respect his rhythm

  • No need to force a child to eat or finish his plate. Gérard Vallat, psychologist-psychotherapist and family therapist, insists that "to force a child to finish his plate while he has obvious signs of disgust, satiety, favors conflicts with food." And to add "that many weight problems (anorexia or bulimia) find their origin here." For small appetites, we reduce the quantities. It is better to refill a "little sparrow" than to disgust it with a plate too full.

5. No punishment

  • Apart from reinforcing it in its opposition, punishing a child because he does not eat is useless.

6. Nibbling. To ban between meals!

  • Otherwise, your child will not be hungry enough and will peck at the table.

7. Compulsory conciliation

  • Dietary habits and differences between nanny and home should not be a source of conflict for the child. For Gérard Vallat: "Let's not look who is right, who is wrong, but help our child to live this richness of knowing different environments."

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Sophie Vaesken