Breastfeeding: Home boost to start

Breastfeeding: Home boost to start

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You have decided to feed your baby breast, but you apprehend possible inconvenience: milky rise, breast pain or insufficient lactation. Dr. Christelle Charvet, homoeopathic gynecologist, offers homeopathic solutions to support your breastfeeding.

Homeopathy to help start breastfeeding

Early breast placement, often in the birth room, is essential to start the lactation process, with the milky rise occurring 3 days later. But it can be slowed down or of lower quality, if you are very tired after giving birth.

  • After a long and painful delivery and / or in case of anemia: China rubra 9 CH, 5 granules twice a day.
  • To recover from the consequences of childbirth: Arnica montana 15 CH, 5 granules once a day.
  • To regulate lactation: Phytolacca 7 CH, 5 granules several times a day.
  • To improve a milk deficiency: Ricinus communis 5 CH and Alfalfa 5 CH, 5 granules each several times a day.

Solutions to relieve painful breasts

In the early days, breastfeeding can be painful. To limit these effects and the risk of cracks, be sure to adopt a good position to breastfeed (follow the instructions of the midwife) and apply colostrum to your nipple before feeding.

  • For nipple pain aggravated by feeding and irradiating your back: Phellandrium 5 CH, 5 granules 10 minutes before feeding.
  • For hypersensitivity nipples with an irradiation of pain in the other breast: Chamomilla 5 CH, 5 granules 10 minutes before feeding.
  • In case of cracks: Nitricum acidum 9 CH, if accompanied by bleeding and sharp pain. graphites 15 CH for crusted crevices with heat-aggravated pain. 5 granules 10 minutes before feeding. You can also use Ratanhia or Castor equi after the feeding, making sure to clean your nipples before presenting them to your baby at the next feeding.

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